Rob Dyer – Skate 4 Cancer

Today I copy, pasted and tweaked a previous post I made on another blog I have.

*Please note that the documentary was previewed last year and it was awesome. The drop in center is still in the works and he has since skated France !!

About 4 years ago as I’ve mentioned before I went to Wakestock, as I always do every summer, as of late anyways.

That year though, I spent the entire weekend there, which is something that I hadn’t done before. I usually go one day on the weekend, as time allows. That year I had gone with different people each day. So on the Saturday, after spending the day there with one friend, we were on our way home and got on the ferry. We sit down and a couple other people sit down beside us, one including Rob Dyer Now at this point I had no idea who this guy was; other someone who had obviously been at Wakestock and had a skateboard in his hand. Just like every other guy that was on the ferry. Also sitting beside us were a couple girls, who recognized him and started asking him questions.

Being nosey, I started eavesdropping and heard him start to explain that he had skate boarded across Canada to raise awareness about Cancer prevention. I had heard something about it from the media, but hadn’t really paid a lot of attention; until then.

After they were done talking to him, I started asking questions and explained that I had heard something about it on TV, but didn’t really know anything about it. He explained a bit about what it is that the charity’s goals are and what he was trying to accomplish; then invited me back the next day to the booth that he had set up. I said I would return and bring the people that I was coming back with as well. We smiled and said our good byes.

Sure enough the next day I went back and we were greeted with a warm smile. The booth had all kinds of brochures about preventing Cancer, as well shirts.

Since then I have done some research and looked more into the charity, as well as Rob’s story. Everyone knows someone that has had Cancer and Rob is no exception. Every time I read his story I cry. Skate 4 Cancer is his life, and he’s making it his life mission, to do what he can to raise awareness about Cancer prevention.

Rob has soooo much support behind him. Since starting Skate 4 Cancer at the age of 17, he has been on numerous tours with bands, as well as Festivals like Warped Tour.

Rob DJs, as well as hosts Skate 4 Cancer events that are free, just to raise awareness, but I think the biggest part of the whole charity is the fact that he skateboards around the world. He has skate boarded across Canada as well as the states and just last year skated Australia and New Zealand.

Unfortunately he was hit by a car and had to come home, BUT he’s all better and eager to go back this year to finish πŸ˜€ Along these skate tours, he makes stops at schools to talk to kids about the charity, cancer prevention, and his story.

Having followed his progress and doing more research I finally met up with him again last year, and again was greeted with a warm smile and a big hug. This is a guy that through everything is always smiling, no matter what.

I follow him on twitter, and in doing so, learned that he had entered a contest to get money to open a drop in center. The Dream.Love.Cure Center, which has become the motto for Skate 4 Cancer. A place where people can go to if they need to talk or get information about Cancer prevention. He didn’t win, but he’s still determined to open the center and has since opened an online center Here you can find out about events, what’s new, and videos, etc. He has also begun funding in order to open the drop in center downtown.

He hosts dance parties throughout Toronto where you will be sure to hear S Club 7 and the Spice Girls πŸ˜€ and all ticket sales go towards helping open then center, as well as selling t – shirts at West 49

During all of this he has filmed a documentary of his incredible journey and it is set to premiere February 19 at the Mod club

Tickets are $25 and are sure to sell out fast.

Rob is someone I look up to and love to bits, no matter what he, is always there to give you a hug or greet you with a warm smile. He loves life and is grateful for everything he has. For someone so young to have gone through so much, he has done a lot, not just for the Cancer community, but also for the younger generation; that if you can dream something, then nothing is impossible.
He is so determined and strong willed. You are going to change the world Rob Dyer πŸ˜€



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